Como Penso Como (2013) was a gastroperformance first offered at Sesc Pompéia, São Paulo, and again in 2015 at The Electrolux House. The rationale was to simultaneously use culinary, musical, theatrical, scenic and multimedia features to present a one-to-one correlation between, on the one hand, the act of eating and, on the other, certain critical questionings and ironic entanglements latent in some striking aspects of Brazilian history, literature, gastronomy and culture. Nearly everything in this gastroperformance was designed and produced specially for it: rooms, music, plates, glasses, food, poems, images. These created a unique tasting experience with nine different dishes served in the course of about an hour, in two daily sessions for 30 people each. The nine dishes made up a series of food design set-pieces that drew on four years of research, and its recipes composed a complete meal that symbolically represented various Brazilian aspects such as its religious syncretism, New Cinema, the 1928 Anthropophagic Manifesto, Tropicalism, corruption, books of etiquette, as well as other various concepts. Most of the objects on the table were edible and it was sometimes hard to tell what was edible and what wasn’t. The unusual formats included: crunchy cassava lamp, açaí paper, soursop lace, text printed in chocolate on plates, grilled sardine mousse with an eastern sauce in the shape of Bishop Sardinha’s head, banana-shaped chocolate, as well as cod brandade with green olives, Berliner angu dough filled with fish and shrimp mousse, and crispy pork panceta with citrus puree.