Gelúminas, Light-eating Poetry (2005) was given as part of the 1st International Design Exhibition with the theme “Safety Nest”, and later reprised at the Post Office Cultural Centre in Rio de Janeiro and on other occasions. It was presented at the invitation of curator Nicola Goretti, from the AG Architecture and Cultural Projects Group, and financed by the Banco do Brasil Cultural Centre. Each project in Safety Nest was a spatial commentary on the relationship between individuals and their homes. In Gelúminas, three large chandeliers hung from the ceiling. Each chandelier was made up of dozens of lamps that, on closer inspection, were seen to be glasses containing jelly of various colours, each glass featuring a letter made of jelly of a different colour, totalling 3,000 glasses. The letters formed the phrase “Eat light”. This phrase was repeated in an audio loop inviting the audience to eat the jellies, which were flavoured as different kinds of cocktail. Thus, the installation as a whole was made to interactively articulate visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory and taste sensations. It was a comment on the feeling of safety at home –the place where it is possible to have both food and light under control, where individuals can both nourish themselves in the fight for survival and find shelter from the dangerous darkness outside. The ephemeral nature of this gastroperformance also pointed to the opposite idea, that is, to the fact that no one is really safe at home. From a different perspective, the phrase “Eat light” was also an ironic comment on the contemporary fashion of giving publicity to certain people who claimed to be able to “live on light” and “have no need for food”