Natura – Frutífera

Natura is a leading cosmetics manufacturer in Brazil. Wishing to amplify its concept of “Good Well Being”, they addressed other aspects of people’s lives. So they diversified into the food industry.

The intention of offering healthy and tasty food to meet the body’s needs helped create the Frutífera concept on the basis of the tree of life from which all fruits come. In a broader sense, a tree represents life in all its density and can also grant immortality, in addition to its associations with the quality of life regarding healthy nutrition, and consequently with personal care.

The product identity was derived from the symbol of a tree which holds the foods and exhibits them in a playful and unusual way by bringing together all flavours and the best is each of Nature’s elements, as a tree on which everything grows and bears fruit. The design proposal was to conceive a brand strategically similar to the parent brand while simultaneously showing independence so as to emphasise the importance and care that Natura gave to its new division.

From those principles, more than fifty new products were created to help promote general well-being and contribute to a balanced diet. They included teas, soups, dry fruit bars, dietary supplement capsules, and dehydrated grains and vegetables. The names devised for those products add a certain zest to the concept developed, e.g., “Sips of Peace”, “Pinches of Rhythm”, “Bits of Relief”, “Slivers of Cheer”, “Bowl of Glee”.