(2018) was presented at Galeria Rabieh, São Paulo, for the SP Arte fair, including the gastroperformance “Feijoada Branca”, which interactively articulated visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory and taste sensations. In one of the rooms, a table was set with portions of feijoada (a black bean casserole) sculpted like typical feijoada pork parts –ribs, snouts, tongues, ears and feet– covered in white frosting. On the wall were three paintings by Omar Castañeda showing pigs painted in pig’s blood, and three photographs by Quintina Valero. On the wall of the adjoining room, there were three pig’s heads of the same edible material as the parts on the table. A video of real pigs’ heads was projected on them. They were made to look like they were singing the ironic song composed especially for this gastroperformance. At the end of the song, the visitors were invited to tear pieces from the pig’s heads and eat them. In the gallery’s backyard, an opera singer conversed with a pig squealing competition video made in the USA. As a whole, this gastroperformance set the rich symbology associated with the pig –luck, money, voracity, corruption, dirt– against the status of feijoada as a typical Brazilian dish, and its creation attributed to enslaved blacks who used the “bad” pork parts thrown to them, but also played with the idea of the USA as a “capitalist pig”. Inside the white pieces on the table is the black feijoada created by Afro-Brazilians.